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English Bridle Leather Adjustable Padded Two Point Rifle Sling


Size Guide

Leather Padded Rifle Sling Details:

USA Made quality at its best! Handmade from the best leathers available, this English Bridle Leather padded rifle sling will transport you back to the 1800's when leather products were made with quality materials and lasted for years or even decades.  Stop wasting money on foreign made leather imposters at your local sporting goods store and upgrade to the best USA made rifle sling you will ever own!
  • Full grain English Bridle Leather.
  • Available in Black and Brown (Highlight color box to chose a color)
  • Fully adjustable.  This includes 7 holes spaced 2 inches apart so you can fully adjust to how you like to carry. Will expand from 36" - 42" to accommodate both shoulder and cross body carry.
  • Leather 2-1/2" adjustable pad with ultra suede lining. The pad is made from foam saddle seating like what is in horse saddles to make them comfortable. This pad is removable too if you want to carry without it.
  • High quality locking quick detach swivel ends (see images) to fit standard rifles. Note the pad side swivel is stitched on and not removable.
  • Bridle leather straps are 1" wide.
  • The pad is stitched in heavy weight nylon thread similar to car leather seats.
  • USA Made

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Belt King Sizing Directions

PERFECT FIT METHOD: Lay your current belt flat on a smooth surface and measure it from where the buckle attaches to the leather (the fold) to the hole most used. Order that belt size (round up if you measure odd).  For example if you measure 37" or 38", order a 38" belt size.
It doesn't matter if you wear your belt in the last hole, we will make your new belt measure to the center hole.
This is the best method and only takes a moment to measure.

QUICK METHOD: Pants Waist Size + 2 Inches = Belt Size
If you don't have a belt to measure, pick a pair of pants that fit well and add 2 inches to the waist size on the tag to get your belt size.  Example: If you wear a 36 pants... order a 38" belt size.

IWB HOLSTER CARRY: If you carry a firearm inside your waist band (IWB) we recommend adding 4 inches instead OR for the best fit, measure your current gun belt using the perfect fit method above. It normally takes up 1-2 inches going around the gun so you will likely need a larger size when carrying IWB.